Monday, January 4, 2010

10 Things for 2010

I know it sounds cheesy, but after a lot of soul searching and a few months pondering it I have decided to do 10 things in 2010 that I think will make me a better person. I have published my list on my Facebook page (Ib Four-E) for accountability and now I am tracking my progress here on my blog; which is more accountability.

This first post will basically just list my 10 things. I will track my progress separately for them and will post regular updates. I am not going to start them all at the same time because that will guarantee failure. Nor will I merely go down the list and check them off as I accomplish them. I will work on them throughout the year and some will be done simultaneously and some will be finished as a result of completing other challenges. So I hope everyone will keep coming back here to help hold me accountable.

So I suppose I shold go ahead and publish my list.

  1. Lose 30 pounds
  2. Be the kind of friend I want my friends to be
  3. Find forgiveness in my heart for the 2 people who did me wrong in my past
  4. Find an accountability partner
  5. Reconnect and stay connected to a dear friend from my recent past
  6. Get my garage completely converted to a family room
  7. Have a consistent and daily quiet time
  8. Clear the air with my brother and allow my sons to visit him and his kids
  9. Instill in my sons what it really and truly means to be a real man so they know without a doubt what it means
  10. Renew my enthusiasm for my job, like it was when I first started it
So, there you have it. My 10 things that will make me a better person.