Monday, January 4, 2010

10 Things for 2010

I know it sounds cheesy, but after a lot of soul searching and a few months pondering it I have decided to do 10 things in 2010 that I think will make me a better person. I have published my list on my Facebook page (Ib Four-E) for accountability and now I am tracking my progress here on my blog; which is more accountability.

This first post will basically just list my 10 things. I will track my progress separately for them and will post regular updates. I am not going to start them all at the same time because that will guarantee failure. Nor will I merely go down the list and check them off as I accomplish them. I will work on them throughout the year and some will be done simultaneously and some will be finished as a result of completing other challenges. So I hope everyone will keep coming back here to help hold me accountable.

So I suppose I shold go ahead and publish my list.

  1. Lose 30 pounds
  2. Be the kind of friend I want my friends to be
  3. Find forgiveness in my heart for the 2 people who did me wrong in my past
  4. Find an accountability partner
  5. Reconnect and stay connected to a dear friend from my recent past
  6. Get my garage completely converted to a family room
  7. Have a consistent and daily quiet time
  8. Clear the air with my brother and allow my sons to visit him and his kids
  9. Instill in my sons what it really and truly means to be a real man so they know without a doubt what it means
  10. Renew my enthusiasm for my job, like it was when I first started it
So, there you have it. My 10 things that will make me a better person.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Power Rankings: The retired edition

Ok folks, it's a sad sad day in power rankings land. I have decided to end my season abruptly and retire. I appreciate everyone who has followed them over the years, but it's just not fun any more. It has really become a chore to keep up with them and I lost the joy I had doing them. Alas, instead of putting something out there half heartedly I decide I should hang up my keyboard while I was on top.

I had a blast over the years but it's time to move on. I am doing this now so that I can focus on my annual writing project I do for a writitng web site called Writers Digest. This will be my 3rd year for that and I really love doing it. I shared with everyone my project last year on The Rusty Nut and I will do the same again for this year's story. But it will be posted elsewhere, maybe here, maybe another web site.

If you want to chat you can always shoot me an email, or a note on FanNation (I still go there occasionally for my pick 'em groups). And you can find me on Facebook (Ib Four-E).

So, here is my final power rankings blog


1. I Got a Feeling - Black Eyed Peas
2. I Was Made To Love You - Toby Mac
3. Fireflies - Owl City
4. Chances - 5 For Fighting
5. Viva La Vida - Coldplay

Bonus track

Give Me Your Eyes - Brandon Heath


1. Jeff Hill (aka Harry Callahan) - You're my boy blue. He's been my friend for a while now. I'll try to stop by and say hi when I'm in your neck of the woods again.
2. Loveithateit - Ah, my favoritest feline in thw whole world. I had a blast hanging out with you. I'll still dorp you a line now and then.
3. Deb (aka Kp Kahder) - The only other Patriots fan I like. But I guess this isn't the last time I'll talk to you. We still have our FF leagues to get through
4. Kari Brigham - The next time I get to Chicago you are so buying me a beer or three.
5. Mark (aka Rock Chalk) - I'll still never figure that saying out, but I'll still see you around on FB.
6. Meagan - Deb's precocious, and precious, daughter. Anyone who loves My Little Ponies this much deserves a spot on the best list ever created.
7. Reggie the wonder pug - I there were a million of him. Wait, um, on second thought maybe only one of him is enough
9. James Pryor - The man flat out knows his poker. And that's no joke. Besides, he's the only one who can keep Reggie in line.
10. Oso - No way I can forget my favorite bear.

Well, that's all folks

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Power Rankings: Week 10

What in the H-E-double-hockey sticks happened to my Cowboys?!?!?! They looked awesome in dominating opponents the previous 4 games then they go out and lay an egg against a team they should have dominated. I'll never figure them out. Oh well, such is the life of a Cowboys fan.

What in the H-E-double-hockey sticks was Belichick thinking? Don't get me wrong, I'm all for coaches having a pair and taking chances, but this was a stupid call. Why are you going to take the chance on giving Peyton Manning a short field with the game on the line? If it was 2 inches instead of 2 yards, then absolutely go for it. But 2 yards? At your own 28? No. The no-brainer call would be to punt it and make Manning go 70 or 80 yards to win it. I think Bill tripped over his ego.

Is it me, or is this one wacky season to figure out? The Titans are 3-0 with Vince Young at QB. I know they are not winning because of him but despite him. But where the heck has Chris Johnson been all season. Note to defensive coordinatros: Vince Young will not beat you.Not with his legs and certainly not with his arm.Chris Johnson will beat you though. So quit trying to stop VY and worry about stopping CJ.

Let's see, what else? Oh yeah, the 49ers were 3-1 without Divatree and 1-4 with him. Hmmm, I think I see your problem.

Here's a sentence I never thought I would type: The Bengals swept the Steelers this season. Maybe they are legit. Even though Chan Eightfive needs to go back to work on his endzone dances instead of screwing around with the refs.


1. Lose My Soul - Toby Mac
2. Give Me Your Eyes - Brandon Heath
3. Irreplaceable - Beyonce
4. Tell Me Why - Will Smith
5. Realize - Colbie Caillat

How about we kick it with some old school head-banging jams. From 1987:

Pour Some Sugar On Me - Def Leppard


I went back and looked at the Cards body of work this season and determined they barely deserved a spot. Here's a review of my rules for power rankings for those who don't know.

I only rank the top 10 teams. I don't have the time or patience to rank all 32 teams. And besides, it's only the top 10 that really matter. Here are the rules I follow for coming up with my rankings:

1. They are based soley on my opinion of who I think are the 10 best teams in the NFL
2. I don't give a rat's patootie if you disagree
3. Feel free to disagree, but I never have nor will I ever change my rankings because someone disagrees.
4. For all other concerns, refer to rule #2

1. Colts (9-0) - Well, it took a bone headed call by Belichick to keep them perfect, but they are undefeated nonetheless.
2. Saints (9-0) - I'm glad the Colts won because I would not have been comfortable putting the Saints first after they struggled to beat the hapless Rams.
3. Bengals (7-2) - I apologize to the Bengals fans for dissing your team. They defintely deserve this spot.
4. Patriots (6-3) - They had the game in the bag, but I'm not going to drop them too far because, well I don't think any team below them can beat them.
5. Vikings (8-1) - Ugh, I hate this. I wish Farvruh would hurry and revert back to his old ways.
6. Steelers (6-3) - I sure wish I could figure this team out. They may be the first team to ever drop out of my rankings twice in the same season.

7. Cards (6-3) - They are not higher because, well they just barely qualify to be in the rankings.
8. Texans (5-4) - They had a bye week so they stay put.
9. Ravens (5-4) - Nothing like have a scrimmage to barely hold on to your spot.
10. Chargers (6-3) - Who elese do I put here?
11. Matt ( 10-0) - He'll probably not see this, but he deserves it for being the first to clinch a playoff spot in my FF league


Well, that's it for this week. Stay tuned to see if anything changes next week.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

NFL Power Rankings: Week 9

I know these were supposed to be out yesterday, but I wanted the rankings this week to coincide with my annual Veterans tribute. I hope you like it. Please take the time today to thank a veteran.

First off, my prayers are with you Fort Hood.

God Bless The USA

Thank you US Marine Corps

Thank you US Army

Thank you US Air Force

Thank you US Navy

Thank you US Coast Guard

Thank you Reserves

And, thank you National Guard

Thank you veterans, for everything you have done and will do.


1. Colts (8-0) - It wasn't pretty but sometimes you have to win ugly. And they won ugly against a good team.
2. Saints (8-0) - Ditto here. They won ugly, but it was against a bad team. Which is one reason they are still runner-up.
3. Patriots (6-2) - Just when people were beginning to write them off, it looks like another cake walk through the division for them
4. Bengals (6-2) - I did not see this coming. But, just good is Chad Eightfive without Henry?
5. Vikings (7-1) - Ugh, I hate this. I wish Farvruh would hurry and revert back to his old ways.
6. Steelers (6-2) - Just like that, they are on the verge of the top 5 again
7. Broncos (6-2) - Well now that they are playing big boy teams, they look like pretenders.
8. Cowboys (6-2) - They finally find their way back, thanks in part to Andy Reid forgetting how to coach.
9. Texans (5-4) - I'm not going to punish them by taking the best team in the NFL to the limit.
10. Ravens (5-4) - I want to drop them but if I did, someone else would have to go here. And just who would that be?
11. Kari (1,247 - 1) - Don't worry about how she rose so fat. Let's just say she paid her dues and we'll leave it at that


I was going to have a video of my chaperoning trip with my 7th grader to Enchanted Rock. But I did not get a chance to upload. Stay tuned. However, I do have to pat my 7th grader on the back. He tried out for the district band. He went up against other middle schools in the school district. He made 1st chair for bassoon. Now he gets to try out for region band this Saturday. Keep your fingers crossed.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

NFL Power Rankings

I am trying to find a new home for my weekly NFL power rankings blog because I am bored and fed up with FanNation. It just doesn't feel like home any more. I miss the great friends I had over there and hopefully they can find their way over here to leave a comment or three.

I have been experimenting with some free web pages for my blogs when I remembered that I started this one last year. So I'll give it a go and see how it works. My friends all know the format and rules of the power rankings so I won't bore anyone with that. If I get some new followers then I'll bring them up to speed. But for now, let's get on with it.


1. Give Me Your Eyes - Brandon Heath

2. Big Yellow Taxi - Counting Crows version

3. Smooth - Santana

4. Rock Me - Liz Phair

5. The Scientist - Coldplay


Ok, I have to move out of the 80s before I get junk mail wanting me to buy the greatests hits by Milli Vanilli. Let's go back to 1976 and hitch a ride with Little Early Pearly:

Blinded By The Light - Manfred Mann (Ignore the year in the video description, it's wrong)


  • The Vikings will miss the playoffs
  • The Cowboys will win the NFC East
  • Tom "Pull my" Cable will mistake Al Davis for a cranky old woman and punch him
  • There won't be any undefeated teams by the end of the season
  • Baseball will eventually finish this season


Boy, this is a tough season to rank the top 10 teams. There are about a dozen our so teams worthy to make it. But I only have room for 10 so some tough choices had to be made

1. Colts (7-0) - I don't think they will, but I would love to see the Colts go 18-0

2. Saints (7-0) - Just as soon as I'm ready to call this team a fluke they go and out and find a new way to win. How many out there new that their rushing offense is ranked higher than their passing?

3. Broncos (6-1) - I never, in my wildest imagination, would have seen this team in my top 5 this season.

4. Patriots (5-2) - Wow, just when I say this team is mediocre they have to go out and kick the crap out of bad teams.

5. Bengals (5-2) - I think the Bengals may well be the surprise team of the year.

6. Vikings (7-1) - Gah, it kills me to do this. But I have to fair and I try no to impart too many personal feelings into my rankings.

7. Steelers (5-2) - After starting out #1 then falling out faster than any theam in my rankings history, they claw their way back.

8. Eagles (5-2) - I just don't know about this team. They beat the Giants quite convincingly but they also lost to the Raiders.

9. Texans (5-3) - Another team I never would have thought I would put in my rankings.

10. Ravens (5-3) - This is the toughest spot to place a team. It may as well be the Ravens this week.

11. LIHI (2,908 - 2) - If my blog catches on, everyone will learn that she is my favorite kitty.


  • Cowboys
  • Jets
  • Giants
  • Kari
  • Matt


Nothing to put here this week. Sorry.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Just keep writing

I have always heard that in order to write effectively and consistently, one must, well, he must just write. Duh. It is said that if one writes just a little each day, then as each day passes, writing will come easier and more readily.

I blog regularly for some sports related sites, but I need a place to just write my thoughts. I know that nobody will ever read these blogs because I do not advertise them as much as I probably should. Well that and the fact I don't know all the blog-speak to get it out inthe public sector.

So, perhaps I need to actually follow the experts' advice and just keep writing. So here is a short exercise for me. I will start out with a story, and each day I will add to it. I have no idea how it will flow, it will depend on my writing mood for that day. It might be whimsical, serious, sad, angry, all the above or none of the above. The bottom line is that it will be written. So...

...He sat in his 1984 blue Chevy Nova sipping is tepid and rancid coffee. "I really need to quit drinking this swill", Don says to no one in particular. With that he rolls down the sqeaky window and spills out into the recently cleaned street....

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Starting over

I decided to delete my previous blogs as I am still looking for which direction to take this blog. I am actively blogging about sports related topics on The Rusty Nut and a couple of sports site, but they don't get a mention here because I am disappointed in them.

I want to blog about so many different things, but I must be careful about the content I publish in a such public forum. I will be blogging mostly about my family, my struggles with being a 40 year old college student, and about my personal quest to be a better man. The one God designed.

This first "new blog" is just a starting point. I may write some short stories here so I can polish my writing skills. I want so badly to be a published author. I have a novel which is probably 75% my head. The trouble is, each time I sit down to write, it just stays in my head. I cannot seem to get it to paper. The novel is designed to be the middle book of a trilogy; which I also have mostly my head.

Please bear with me as I struggle with being who I need to be and who I am currently.