Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Starting over

I decided to delete my previous blogs as I am still looking for which direction to take this blog. I am actively blogging about sports related topics on The Rusty Nut and a couple of sports site, but they don't get a mention here because I am disappointed in them.

I want to blog about so many different things, but I must be careful about the content I publish in a such public forum. I will be blogging mostly about my family, my struggles with being a 40 year old college student, and about my personal quest to be a better man. The one God designed.

This first "new blog" is just a starting point. I may write some short stories here so I can polish my writing skills. I want so badly to be a published author. I have a novel which is probably 75% my head. The trouble is, each time I sit down to write, it just stays in my head. I cannot seem to get it to paper. The novel is designed to be the middle book of a trilogy; which I also have mostly my head.

Please bear with me as I struggle with being who I need to be and who I am currently.

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  1. Hi Dave! I feel your pain in choosing a blog direction. I was so torn that I gave up blogging for about a year, then regretted doing so. One idea is to have a website with buttons that take your readers to whichever 'genre' they care to read: Personal stories, writing, sports, etc. Limit access to the stuff you don't want accessed without a password. At least, that's what I'm planning to do as soon as I make a little time to redesign my website. For now, just use it as a catch-all to keep yourself writing. :)