Thursday, September 18, 2008

Just keep writing

I have always heard that in order to write effectively and consistently, one must, well, he must just write. Duh. It is said that if one writes just a little each day, then as each day passes, writing will come easier and more readily.

I blog regularly for some sports related sites, but I need a place to just write my thoughts. I know that nobody will ever read these blogs because I do not advertise them as much as I probably should. Well that and the fact I don't know all the blog-speak to get it out inthe public sector.

So, perhaps I need to actually follow the experts' advice and just keep writing. So here is a short exercise for me. I will start out with a story, and each day I will add to it. I have no idea how it will flow, it will depend on my writing mood for that day. It might be whimsical, serious, sad, angry, all the above or none of the above. The bottom line is that it will be written. So...

...He sat in his 1984 blue Chevy Nova sipping is tepid and rancid coffee. "I really need to quit drinking this swill", Don says to no one in particular. With that he rolls down the sqeaky window and spills out into the recently cleaned street....

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