Wednesday, November 4, 2009

NFL Power Rankings

I am trying to find a new home for my weekly NFL power rankings blog because I am bored and fed up with FanNation. It just doesn't feel like home any more. I miss the great friends I had over there and hopefully they can find their way over here to leave a comment or three.

I have been experimenting with some free web pages for my blogs when I remembered that I started this one last year. So I'll give it a go and see how it works. My friends all know the format and rules of the power rankings so I won't bore anyone with that. If I get some new followers then I'll bring them up to speed. But for now, let's get on with it.


1. Give Me Your Eyes - Brandon Heath

2. Big Yellow Taxi - Counting Crows version

3. Smooth - Santana

4. Rock Me - Liz Phair

5. The Scientist - Coldplay


Ok, I have to move out of the 80s before I get junk mail wanting me to buy the greatests hits by Milli Vanilli. Let's go back to 1976 and hitch a ride with Little Early Pearly:

Blinded By The Light - Manfred Mann (Ignore the year in the video description, it's wrong)


  • The Vikings will miss the playoffs
  • The Cowboys will win the NFC East
  • Tom "Pull my" Cable will mistake Al Davis for a cranky old woman and punch him
  • There won't be any undefeated teams by the end of the season
  • Baseball will eventually finish this season


Boy, this is a tough season to rank the top 10 teams. There are about a dozen our so teams worthy to make it. But I only have room for 10 so some tough choices had to be made

1. Colts (7-0) - I don't think they will, but I would love to see the Colts go 18-0

2. Saints (7-0) - Just as soon as I'm ready to call this team a fluke they go and out and find a new way to win. How many out there new that their rushing offense is ranked higher than their passing?

3. Broncos (6-1) - I never, in my wildest imagination, would have seen this team in my top 5 this season.

4. Patriots (5-2) - Wow, just when I say this team is mediocre they have to go out and kick the crap out of bad teams.

5. Bengals (5-2) - I think the Bengals may well be the surprise team of the year.

6. Vikings (7-1) - Gah, it kills me to do this. But I have to fair and I try no to impart too many personal feelings into my rankings.

7. Steelers (5-2) - After starting out #1 then falling out faster than any theam in my rankings history, they claw their way back.

8. Eagles (5-2) - I just don't know about this team. They beat the Giants quite convincingly but they also lost to the Raiders.

9. Texans (5-3) - Another team I never would have thought I would put in my rankings.

10. Ravens (5-3) - This is the toughest spot to place a team. It may as well be the Ravens this week.

11. LIHI (2,908 - 2) - If my blog catches on, everyone will learn that she is my favorite kitty.


  • Cowboys
  • Jets
  • Giants
  • Kari
  • Matt


Nothing to put here this week. Sorry.


  1. First. Wait, does it still count if it's my blog?

  2. It's amazing all the time Manning has been in the league..he has only won one AFC championship ?

  3. Yeah, you would think surely he would have more than the Drama Llama. that really Jeff?

  4. I want to know how they cleaned out the Lousiana Superdome after all those hurricane victims stayed there ? It must have smelled like bad B.O.,urine,poop and god knows what else..I mean did they just blast every inch of the place with bleach filled fire hoses ?

  5. Yeah thats me but gotta log off..lunch is now over..stay golden pony boy.

  6. jhill, you're an idiot. Because you are one, I guess you didn't know that there were also rapes and murders in the Dome as well. I guess Sunshine Cleaning came in at that point? Why are the Saints still #2? This team has an equal QB as Indy, better rushing, better WRs as a whole, and better Def. What's up?

  7. HAHAHA. Dang Jeff you are the first one to get called out on my blogs. I should create a new section for that.

  8. Thanks for visiting Tony. What did you think of the blog?

  9. Never mind Tony, the rest of your comment didn't show up at first.

    So, I take it you're a Saints fan?

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  11. So...what do I need to do to move up in the rankings??

    PS...I deleted my last post because of horrible drug-induced spelling errors. ;-)

  12. Remind me to incorporate mandatory drug testing for comments.

    Hmmm, there are 3 ways to move up the rankings, cash, and I'll let you use your imagination for the other 2. ;-)

  13. is there a limit to comments?