Wednesday, November 11, 2009

NFL Power Rankings: Week 9

I know these were supposed to be out yesterday, but I wanted the rankings this week to coincide with my annual Veterans tribute. I hope you like it. Please take the time today to thank a veteran.

First off, my prayers are with you Fort Hood.

God Bless The USA

Thank you US Marine Corps

Thank you US Army

Thank you US Air Force

Thank you US Navy

Thank you US Coast Guard

Thank you Reserves

And, thank you National Guard

Thank you veterans, for everything you have done and will do.


1. Colts (8-0) - It wasn't pretty but sometimes you have to win ugly. And they won ugly against a good team.
2. Saints (8-0) - Ditto here. They won ugly, but it was against a bad team. Which is one reason they are still runner-up.
3. Patriots (6-2) - Just when people were beginning to write them off, it looks like another cake walk through the division for them
4. Bengals (6-2) - I did not see this coming. But, just good is Chad Eightfive without Henry?
5. Vikings (7-1) - Ugh, I hate this. I wish Farvruh would hurry and revert back to his old ways.
6. Steelers (6-2) - Just like that, they are on the verge of the top 5 again
7. Broncos (6-2) - Well now that they are playing big boy teams, they look like pretenders.
8. Cowboys (6-2) - They finally find their way back, thanks in part to Andy Reid forgetting how to coach.
9. Texans (5-4) - I'm not going to punish them by taking the best team in the NFL to the limit.
10. Ravens (5-4) - I want to drop them but if I did, someone else would have to go here. And just who would that be?
11. Kari (1,247 - 1) - Don't worry about how she rose so fat. Let's just say she paid her dues and we'll leave it at that


I was going to have a video of my chaperoning trip with my 7th grader to Enchanted Rock. But I did not get a chance to upload. Stay tuned. However, I do have to pat my 7th grader on the back. He tried out for the district band. He went up against other middle schools in the school district. He made 1st chair for bassoon. Now he gets to try out for region band this Saturday. Keep your fingers crossed.


  1. First, thanks for your Military Tribute. I am an Army Brat, and I can't tell you how much it means. I have been to Military Weddings, and Military Funerals, and Military Christmas Parties. I have seen units leave and come back, their numbers halved. When someone is in the military, there isn't a single facet of their life that isn't affected by their service. Their families serve and sacrifice, too. Thank you isn't enough--but is sincerely appreciated.

    Now, on a lighter note...I'd argue that the Vikes and the Steelers should switch positions, by virtue of the fact that the Steelers beat the Vikes. I know that I could be a bit biased...but I'm just sayin'.

    By the way, I'd hardly call it 'paying' my dues.

  2. Oh crap, I forgot about that. I will correct the travesty next week...provided the Steelers win.

  3. I don't know about Houston 9th and Baltimore 10th...7 out of your 10 are AFC teams I'll take my Cards over both them teams plus they already beat Hous.

  4. I agree with anonymous about my Cards.....they should be above Houston.

    Nice tribute, though, IB4E

  5. Thanks for stopping by folks. But let me clear one thing up. The Texas and Ravens didn't just appear on the rankings this week. I don't put one team in the rankings just because they beat another team. They would be a mess if I did that. Once teams are in the rankingss, they move up and down depending on if they win or not. Some teams drop out and some bounce back. There are a lot of factors that go in to my rankings. I will include the rules I follow for them next week.